Thursday, 5 January 2012

One man and his metal detector

Finding a British ring and a Dutch ring in the pellets below an old Peregrine's nest almost 15 years ago sparked a passion for Mark Lawrence.  Searching below nest sites with a metal detector, Mark has managed to collect an impressive number of bird rings — adding valuable data to the ringing scheme in the process. Amongst the many rings he's found, there have been a significant number from foreign ringing schemes:

Starlings from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania (5), Russia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Sweden; Redwings from Belgium (4), France, Sweden and the Netherlands (2); A Dutch Song Thrush; Blackbirds from Germany, and the Netherlands (2); Fieldfares from Norway and Finland; a Black-headed Gull from Lithuania; Common Terns from the Netherlands and West Africa; a Chaffinch from the Netherlands; a Sandwich Tern from Sweden; and Chaffinch, Woodcock and Sand Martin from France.

The full story of Mark's metal-detecting can be read on the BTO website:

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CooBoy said...

Its interesting to note that Mark's piece on the BTO website does not mention the over 15,000 racing pigeon rings he found which he described in the fuller version of "A winters Tale" on the wildabout britain website:
I wonder why?
from a pigeon fancier concerned about truth!