Sunday, 27 May 2012

Five Scottish Cuckoos tagged

The BTO Cuckoo-tracking team have satellite-tagged five new males near Loch Katrine in Scotland, the first Cuckoos of the class of 2012. More details about these birds will follow in June but don't forget that some of these birds are still available to be named.

As of 22 May Lyster was back in the Broads, just west of Acle. He really is covering a lot of ground, presumably in search of female cuckoos. Anecdotal evidence suggests they are in short supply at the moment.
During this time we received a reported sighting of a satellite-tagged Cuckoo in the area of the River Chet. On close inspection of Lyster's movements, it's very likely it was him.

A location from Chris's tag on the morning of the 24 May showed that he was still near Mildenhall, Suffolk, on the southern bank of the River Lark. Female cuckoos have been heard in this area and might explain why he seems reluctant to leave.

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