Friday, 18 May 2012

Swans tower above recent flood

As flooding affects the nesting season on the Ouse washes at WWT Welney, one pair of swans were towering above the lapping water. 
A determined pair of Mute Swans are refusing to lose their nest to the flood waters at Welney.  Gathering what vegetation they can find, they are trying to weather the lapping waters to continue incubating their eggs and hopefully hatch the cygnets inside. 

As a result of the flooding on the Ouse washes this spring the breeding season at Welney has come to a standstill.  But one of the many pairs of Mute Swans that breed on the reserve is not giving up without a battle.  Since the waters came on they have increased the height of their nest from its origins on the banks of the ditch next to the footpaths. 
‘The water levels are now dropping, relieving the pressure on this particular pair of Mute Swans’ says Marketing and Events Officer, Emma Brand.  ‘We hope the levels will continue to drop over the weekend to have paths to some of the hides open next week, then we should be back to normal with regards to access for the June half term activities, which include pond-dipping, moths on display and biodiversity blitz sessions’. 
With the water levels decreasing, the hope is that the reserve will start to open up again to visitors and provide feeding areas for the birds once more.  Updated information about the access on the reserve and what activities are available can be found at . 

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