Thursday, 21 June 2012

BTO House Martin survey 2012

This is the fourth summer that the House Martin Survey is being run. Over 1,200 people across the UK have taken part in previous years providing us with a clear picture of how this wonderful summer visitor is doing. It seems that it is doing much better in Scotland and Northern Ireland, increasing by 114% and 40% respectively. In Wales and England, House Martins haven't done as well, falling by 2% and 15% respectively.

Help us find out what's happening this year by taking part in the 2012 House Martin Survey.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Five Welsh Cuckoos tagged

The BTO Tracking Team have been busy in Wales this week and, as of yesterday morning, have now tagged five Welsh males! So that's all the Scottish and Welsh males tagged as well as two English males from Norfolk to compliment Chris and Lyster.  These new Cuckoos will be available for sponsorship sometime in the next few weeks.

Chris and Lyster haven't moved far from their previous locations around Mildenhall and the Broads respectively and are presumably making the best of the breeding season while it lasts. Last year Clement, the first Cuckoo to leave the UK, left on the 3 June. The poor weather experienced this spring might mean our birds leave a little later this year.

It's also looking increasingly unlikely that we will hear from Kasper's tag again. Take a look at the blogs here.