Friday, 22 February 2013

3rd Global Bird Watchers Conference, Gujarat

Back in January I received an email inviting me out to Gujarat, India, to visit the 3rd Global Bird Watchers' Conference — unfortunately for me, I was in Oman at the time and by the time I was back home it was too late to sort out the necessary visa for visiting India. Thus I sadly missed out on what I am assured was an excellent and successful conference. Uttej Rao kindly sent me a selection of photographs from the conference to show me what I missed out on, including some superb photos by Filipino photographer Ramon Quisumbing of the birds seen.

Uttej says: “The conference went of very well and was well appreciated by everyone. We had about 88 foreign delegates from 40 countries and about 210 Indian delegates. Here are some pics of what you missed. In a couple of pictures you might notice that the surface looks like snow. It is actually salt that has formed on the surface of the desert over a period of years. On bright moonlight nights it gives a awesome look as you can see a bed of white for miles on. This stretches for well over 100 kms.”

Sociable Plover — Ramon Quisumbing

Plain Prinia — Ramon Quisumbing

Painted Stork — Ramon Quisumbing

Green Bee-eater — Ramon Quisumbing

Cream-coloured Courser — Ramon Quisumbing

The 4th Global Bird Watchers Conference will be held in January 2014 (tentatively pencilled into the diary for 4th January). Details of the conference will be posted on the GBWC website; anyone wishing to attend can also contact Uttej Rao.

You can also read about Nick Moran's trip to the 1st Global Bird Watchers' Conference on our webzine here.

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tim said...

Bird watching is one of the amazing activities you will enjoy around the world. However, like many other species of animals birds are facing the problem of finding their environment been destroyed. It is therefore important that conferences like these be use to put measures in place to ensure that the lovely creatures remain around.