Friday, 21 June 2013

A Rare First

The BirdGuides news team are used to information being reported from a variety of sources using all sorts of methods (email, text, phone, Twitter and so on) but yesterday provided an opportunity to obtain bird news from a rather more unusual source.

The WWT have a variety of webcams running on a live-feed from their website covering, among other things, Barn Owls at Caerlaverock, Beavers at Martin Mere and breeding Avocets at Slimbridge. When we discovered that the Avocet webcam was also picking up the occasional sighting of a female Red-necked Phalarope that was first found early yesterday morning, we found ourselves glued to the screen!

Sure enough, every now and then, the phalarope would walk across the screen though during the day there were long periods where it wasn't on show. Yesterday evening, as the Avocets moved away, the phalarope gradually came closer to the scrape and was visible more frequently up until around 21:30.

 Red-necked Phalarope at Slimbridge WWT, 20th June 2013 (© James Lees/WWT)

Even when the phalarope wasn't around, there was plenty of action to witness with Avocets seemingly chasing off everything that moved - it was particularly amusing to watch one of them take on a party of seven Greylags at one point! Occasionally, other waders appeared such as an early-returning Green Sandpiper that dropped in once or twice.

Though we haven't seen the phalarope yet this morning, it's well worth logging on and giving it a bit of time yourself - you can view the WWT webcam by clicking here.

Thanks to James Lees for allowing us of his phalarope image.

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