Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cumbrian Gamekeeper illegally 'disposing' of Common Buzzards

A brief warning that the above footage is quite graphic.

It depicts Cumbrian gamekeeper Colin Burne brutally murdering two Common Buzzards with a stick before tossing them in to a bucket adjacent to the trap - apparently this is an example of how gamekeepers manage our native wildlife in order to preserve their 'sport'. This week, Mr Burne pleaded guilty to the intentional killing of Buzzards at Carlisle Magistrates Court.

Read the full story on the BirdGuides webzine.


Mars Express said...

It is not "murdering", it is killing. "Murder" is a term restricted to the illegal killing of humans.

What is the range of sentencing for this crime? I hope he goes to prison.

Oretani Wildlife said...

Shocking clip. I too hope he gets his day in court and gets penalised. Mike at Oretani Wildlife