Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Record Shots

Recent days have seen a celebration via Twitter of a certain genre of photography often forgotten - the record shot. Keen to highlight the talents of those birders capturing real record shots, the kind you need to squint at and study for several minutes to decide if there's even a bird in the frame, there has been a good-natured and humorous stream of great examples tweeted and critiqued using the #recordshot hashtag.

Here at BirdGuides we're out in the field regularly (some of us in more far-flung fields than others but let's put that to one side): we know that when you're trying hard, when you're really flogging the local patch and the best you can manage is a barely discernible shadow amongst the shrubbery or a dot in an otherwise empty vista, Photos of the Week can be hard to swallow.

We thought it might be a good idea to find a place, here on the BirdGuides blog, to champion the very best record shots from those with not much gear but plenty of idea. So we've set up an email address recordshot@birdguides.com that you can send your very worst  best record shots to and we'll aim to select one each week to publish as our 'Record Shot of the Week'. Alternatively, tweet us direct at @BirdGuides with the hashtag #recordshot.

Just to get you started, here's one of ours, a decent swell, a bird diving frequently for long periods and a handheld iPhone produced this rather smart record shot of a Long-tailed Duck.

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douglas mcfarlane said...

Finally somewhere my images can excel in, long live the record shot :o)